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About Our Team

Luke Redondo. Cinematographer, Producer, Storyteller. 
Luke founded Paradise Luke Productions in San Diego while studying for a B.S. in Audio Production. He found his passion for film after creating music at the Musician's Institute for his Recordings Arts degree in West Hollywood.  His colleagues and professors urged him to put his music in films. After falling in love with traveling the world, Luke wanted to capture his travels in videos for others to experience the beauty of the world in ways that pictures couldn't.  After continuous education and extensive self-learning, Luke's creative skills have allowed him to capture the remarkable experiences of clients in video format to fulfill reminiscence and tell the story to those weren't there to experience the event. 
Tamara Sarafijanovic. Project Coordinator, Production Manager.
Tamara grew up playing tennis and studied Biology. She dove into Southern California's pharmaceutical industry after college for her full time job. She still wanted to pursue her passion in tennis on the side and became an assistant general manager for a professional tennis team, the San Diego Aviators. During her management of the Aviators, Tamara took over the production team and improved the creative content to spike up followers and increase sales. Eventually, Tamara teamed up with Luke to start up their own production company.
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